Finding Kik Usernames w/ the Best Platforms Online

kik infoKik Messenger is an app that allows its users to text as well as use it as a social network application for smartphones. Kik users can download more apps with other functions such as video or a little sketchpad that can also be used on Kik. Some people check their Kik messages way more often than they do their regular texts, so if you are an adult and your friends use it – maybe it’s worth downloading. You can find it in the app store and give it a shot as your primary messenger system.

What is Kik?
It is one of those apps that swept teenagers up by a storm, and then suddenly everybody was using it. Teenagers love chatting with friends. In this day and age when everybody is connected via Facebook, Instagram and Kik as well, they tend to stay in touch with each other.

When it first came out parents were naturally concerned simply because they were worried about the safety of their children online. And even though Kik has tightened the security measures, you still should be mindful. So if your teen wants to have the app, have a chat with them and make sure they understand that not everything they will receive will be innocent, since anybody can send you messages. Sure, they need to know your username, but they can guess it unless you are extremely creative.

Many people post their Kik names on their Instagram profiles for people to find and send them messages. The demographic has also shifted a little bit and the app is now used by older people as well.

Find Kik friends online
Finding Kik usernames online is not that hard. Kik in itself allows you to add friends if you know their username, and then you can easily chat with them individually or in a larger group. However, there is an option of looking at Kik online friends, a social networking companion to Kik.

Another way of finding new people to add to your Kik contact list is to use Kik contacts. You will need to register before you can get access to people’s usernames, but it is another social networking companion to the app itself.
It is possible to also use Kik usernames. Another website you can sign up to and it allows you to filter people on Kik with different profiles, interests and then you can add them to the list of Kik contacts.

There is a variety of these social networking sites that allow you to share the Kik username with people who have similar interests or hobbies. However, they are not directly affiliated with Kik and not endorsed by the company that created Kik. If you decide to share your username online, make sure that you are ready for what happens afterward. This is truly one of the best platforms to share and connect online: – kik usernames

Things to consider
People will message you, that’s for sure, and if you want to keep this app to friends and family, then using any of these social networking sites might not be for you. However, if you are feeling quite adventurous – give it a shot.

It is possible that Kik app itself will go through your contacts and use their information to see if they have the application instead of on their phones. If that doesn’t bother you – you should have no problem with the app and can easily install it and have fun using it.

Why Kik Messenger is Very Popular these Days

kik-messengerIf there is one thing that has become very common among young people these days. It is the wide use of instant messaging. In the past, the craze used to be able to text messaging. But it can be very pricey, and if you do not have a text messaging plan on your phone, it is easy to rack up high bills every month. With the advent of smartphones, the ability to message people through instant messaging apps that use the phone’s data or the wifi has become the newest trend.

One of the messaging apps that have seen quite an increase in the number of users over the years is Kik. It is relatively a newcomer to the scene, but it cannot be denied that it is indeed making a lot of noise. There is some reason why it is doing so, though. But if you want to get a good understanding of what it is, why it works and why you should consider having it on your phone as well, it helps to get some good old research done.


Easy interaction with loved ones

In this day and age where everything seems to be digitalized, it is not surprising to see that the main form of communication among people is the phone. In the past, where the communication and connection can only be done through calling, it evolved to the addition of text messaging. These days, the latest to the lineup is instant messaging. This time, one does not have to rely on his phone credits to send messages to other people. He can use the wi-fi connection or the internet connection on the phone.


Unlimited messages

People used to be a little scrimpy on text messaging in the past. The reasons for this is because one is charged every time he sends or receives a message. If you do not have an unlimited text messaging plan on your phone every month, that can amount to a huge and pretty humungous bill. With Kik Messenger, you get to send as many messages as you want or receive just as many as well. There is no limit to this as long as you have the necessary data connection to keep you connected to the service.


Exchanging messages across different operating systems

Unlike how certain applications are exclusive to a specific operating system such as apple’s Line, Kik is not exclusive for use in a single operating system at all. It does not matter what kind of phone you have; this is an application that can be sued and accessed by all. To a lot of users, the ability to message people regardless of their operating system makes it easier and more convenient to connect and communicate with them.


Allows user to check message status

You must have been in a situation before here you sent somebody a message, you never get a reply, and you are left wondering if they got the message, they read it, or they are just plain ignoring you. With Kik, this is successfully remedied. You will know when the other person receives the message and read it, so, there is no need for you to have to second guess whether they got it or not. Though of course, this also means that you will now easily know if somebody is ignoring you or not and that can hurt, that is beside the point.


Know when somebody is sending a message to you

If you are communicating with somebody, you will easily know if they are going to answer your message. This is because you will see an indicator that says that the another person is typing. Now, you will know if there is going to be a message that you can expect from them pretty soon thanks to that indication. This just makes the whole communication over the phone a lot easier and more convenient to do.


Send messages with images and videos on them

In the past, you were probably a little hesitant in sending out a multimedia Lesage since it is going to eat up all your data coverage. The presence of instant messengers these days has made this something of the past. Now, you can send as many videos and pictures as you like attached to a message and that is also free. Again, all you need is a data connection on the phone or access to wi-fi.


Group messaging feature40mil kik

So you have this group of friends that you talk to a lot? You can get them added to a single group altogether as group messaging is another feature that Kik messenger has. Now, it is easy to stay in touch with each other and make sure that you are in the loop with what is happening in their respective lives. With group chat, you can choose to add up to 13 people.


Easy to sign up

What Kik Messenger offers is not only an easy way to communicate with family and friends but to do in such an easy and convenient way as well. If you want to sign up, then all you need to do is download the messenger directly to the phone. Then, you will need to sign up, and you can use your email address for that. You will be asked to create a username a once set up. You are good to go. The best thing about Kik is that there is no need for you to jaw to register with your phone number and a lot of people like the fact that their Kik account does not have to be associated with their respective mobile numbers. And if you find it hard to connect with friends — you can always find new kik usernames at or any other website…

Do remember that Kik Messenger offers unlimited service to its users; it is still going to use data on the devised to do so. This is important to remember especially since if you do not have a data connection on the phone, you are going to be charged for using the mobile data when accessing the application. Signing up to an unlimited data plan is going to help. Also, connecting to your wi-fi is not a bad idea either.